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Welcome to ACI's ACRIS homepage

Welcome to ACI's ACRIS homepage

Airports across the world operate in a vastly challenging and dynamic environment. Whether designated as hub or non-hub, every Airport operates at the centre of an ecosystem with a multitude of partners serving travellers and supporting the local, regional or national economy.

The challenges are immense, made even more serious by the current COVID19 pandemic. The usual pressures of matching Airport capacity to increased demand have been dramatically supplanted by the need for sustainability - substantially reducing costs, improving usage of expensive assets, reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption, while at the same time providing an even more safe and secure environment for passengers and staff alike.

Even without the huge impact of COVID19, changing demand, environmental threats, regulatory pressures, transformational technologies, new entrants, automated vehicles and many more changes provide opportunities and threats to an Airport.

ACRIS Community

Airport performance depends on effective collaboration with multiple parties, and the efficient exchange of meaningful information between them. Communication may be business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C) or business-to-government (B2G).

Why Adopt ACRIS Standards?

ACI established ACRIS (the Aviation Community Recommended Information Services) to help Airports improve the quality and effectiveness of information exchange across the entire ecosystem. ACRIS enables a consistent view of the airport ecosystem for all stakeholders.

ACRIS Vision

ACRIS delivers real value to Airports. With ACRIS, an Airport can:

  • Improve economic and environmental sustainability by improving the cost effectiveness of resources, and reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint and wastage.

  • Improve situational awareness with easy access to timely, relevant and reliable information.

  • Improve operational performance such as aircraft turnaround times by sharing timely, consistent and reliable information with all parties involved.

  • Improve the planning process by sharing consistent information on demand, resource capabilities and constraints.

  • Reduce cost and time involved in developing applications and systems, for example by using standards to reduce the complexity of information interfaces.

  • Provide support for initiatives such as touchless facilities, APIs, digital twin, building information systems, condition based monitoring, digital services, location services and many more for the benefit of passengers and other stakeholders..

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