Passenger Wait Times - APIs

The ACRIS working group developed the Passenger Wait Times Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using the ACRIS Semantic Model.


It is difficult for passengers and the wider travel industry to obtain information on the actual and expected waiting times at airport security checkpoints.

In the United States of America, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has mandated that airports capture and provide information on how long passengers need to wait at security checkpoints.

A set of standard APIs makes this information readily available to passengers and other stakeholders.


API Documentation

Topic Document Type Document Name Date Published Version
Presentation [PDF Document] ACRIS Security Checkpoint Wait Times API 26 Feb 2020 1.0
Presentation [PDF Document] ACRIS Demo - Checkpoint Wait Times 15th Sep 2019 2.1
API specification [PDF Document] ACI Wait Times API v1.5a 3rd Sep 2019 1.5a

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