Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: ACRIS (Aviation Community Recommended Information Services) is an ACI World Working Group (WG). ACI World (Airports Council International) is a non-profit organisation representing the world's airports. ACRIS sets the standard for information and data exchange in the aviation community, helping airports meet the demands of today and the future. ACRIS defines a framework for airports, airlines, partners and suppliers to share data across different companies and providers. The definition and implementation of standardised business processes and interoperable IT solutions is a vital issue for the global aviation industry, especially as a way to improve efficiency and to increase revenues.
Answer: An organising framework based on IT industry best practices and ISO standards for documenting the Airport ecosystem’s vocabulary, knowledge, re-usable standard information components and data structures. It is a cross-industry component of the airport digital ecosystem. The ACI Standard for Airport ecosystem knowledge sharing and management. 'Semantic' in the context of the ACRIS model is concerned with the meaning of words within various Airport contexts.
Answer: By facilitating the exchange of meaningful information, the ACRIS Semantic Model substantially improves common situational awareness, facilitates the streamlining and automating processes through single versions of master data. It supports performance management to optimise growth, increases productivity by improving data accuracy, and increases opportunities for business and service innovation.
Answer: Register for access to the Members Portal, and review the content of the ACRIS Semantic Model in those areas where you have an interest. The content of the Model will most likely provide a useful starting point.
Answer: Register for access on the Members Portal. You will be provided with login credentials. You will require an instance of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.
Answer: An XMI file (standard format model export file) is available in the Members Portal. Alternatively you can create your own export of sub-components of the ACRIS Semantic Model using the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect client.
Answer: Register for access to the Members Portal, and submit requests. These will be reviewed and responded to.
Answer: Register for access to the Members Portal, and submit requests. These will be reviewed by the ACRIS Working Group, and assessed for applicability.
Answer: The ACRIS Semantic Model will be frozen and published periodically, depending on the materiality of the updates and changes implemented since the last published version. The publication of new releases is governed by the ACRIS Working Group.
Answer: A copy of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is required to access the ACRIS Semantic Model. Please refer to Note that you may require a change in your corporate firewall to enable a connection to the cloud platform.
Answer: The ACRIS Semantic Model is developed by participating members, typically through working on ACRIS projects. The model is maintained by Rockport Software, on behalf of ACI ACRIS Working Group.
Answer: Access to the ACRIS Semantic Model is free to ACI Airport Members and World Business Partners.
Answer: The ACRIS Semantic Model is used in many applications in airports and third party vendors worldwide.
Answer: Please contact for information on training opportunities.