Why join the ACRIS Working Group?:

The exchange of meaningful information is vital to the aviation industry. You can benefit from the expertise of other aviation professionals by participating in the ACRIS Working Group. And you can use your own experience and expertise to help improve information standards, whether in a business/domain or technical/technology perspective.

Membership of ACRIS also allows you access to the ACRIS Semantic Model. The ACRIS Semantic Model page contains a detailed description of the model.

Who can join the ACRIS Working Group?:

Membership is open to ACI Members and World Business Partners with an interest in improving the quality of information shared in the aviation industry. The ACRIS Working Group is also proud to be associated with other industry and regulatory bodies, including IATA and ICAO/SESAR.

How can I join the ACRIS Working Group?:

Please complete and submit the registration form if you wish to request access to the ACRIS Members pages or for access to the ACRIS Semantic Model.

How can I participate in the ACRIS Working Group?:

Just as information exchange is (at least) a two way process, members of ACRIS are expected to actively participate in ACRIS initiatives. Face to face meetings are held typically twice per year in a major location. Due to the current pandemic, ACRIS meetings will be virtual until travel restrictions are relaxed. The ACRIS Working Group sets the roadmap for initiatives and members are invited to contribute to an initiative if they have relevant expertise, or are willing to assist in any way. Examples of past and current ACRIS projects can be seen on the Example ACRIS projects page.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact page to reach us.