Request Access to the ACRIS Semantic Model

Access to the ACRIS Semantic Model is restricted to registered members. Registration is subject to the approval of ACI. Login credentials will be provided by ACI. A Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect client is required to access the ACRIS Semantic Model. This can be obtained from

The master version of the ACRIS Semantic Model is periodically frozen, as requested by the ACRIS Working Group. Modelling versions are cloned from the frozen master, as and when it is published. The modelling version(s) enable registered users to develop their own models within the ACRIS Semantic Model framework.

There is a formal change management process where members can request additions and modifications to the master version. All changes are reviewed and approved or otherwise by the ACRIS WG.

Please complete and submit the Registration Form if you wish to request access to the ACRIS Semantic Model.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact page to reach us.